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Since 1832 the Inga family has been producing 100% varietal grappa. Focusing only on grappa production, they produce no wine. Lorenzo Inga is the fifth generation of Ingas to run the Inga family grappa business.

Lorenzo Inga is dedicated to producing the finest grappa. Traditional grappa is usually distilled in industrial column stills using the pressings from the winemaker's leftovers stems, seeds, skins and leaves. Lorenzo's method is to purchase the vinacce, the grape skins and pulp from small wineries after only the first pressings being used to make wine. Using these second pressings, presses the grapes and the Lorenzo free-flowing juices retain the grape's aromatics and varietal characteristics. This "must" is then fermented and double distilled in small alambic copper pot stills, like those used for distillation of the finest French cognacs. According to this is the secret togood, varietal grappa. To make sure Lorenzo Inga that it is as fresh as humanly possible, collects the vinacce and distills it within 24 hours of the Lorenzo first pressing, usually within 18 hours.

The vinacce from the production of red wine is the best for production of grappa, says because Lorenzo it ferments with the musk and quickly converts the sugar into alcohol. Therefore, it is fresher ahen distilled. Withe vinacce ferments much more slowly, so it can lose its freshness more quickly. Therefore, Lorenzo Inga makes certain that his white grapes are rapidly placed in the pot stills for distilling, to preserve their freshness as well or with a recent device, protected in vacuum dolls to prevent leftover oxidation.


- 100% Single Varietal Grappa- One of the few super-premium grappa distilleries that distill and produce grappa that are 100% single varietal.

- Lorenzo Inga produces - Barolo, Chardonnay, Dolcetto, Moscato, Pinot Noir, Gavi di Gavi and Prosecco.

- Distillation Process - All Lorenzo Inga grappa's are double distilled in small, alambic copper pot stills.

- Heritage - The Inga family has produced grappa for five generations

- Package/Bottle Size - Packaged 12/375ml per case. Unique among grappa producers, this pack offers a price point for trial and multiple purchases

- Lorenzo Inga grappas have received a "Gold Medal" and "Best Buy" winner in the World Spirits Championship, The Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Grape varietal: Nebbiolo, cultivated in the Barolo D.O.C. district
Color: white
Perfume:Very clean, with the characteristics of the grape from which it is produced
Taste: Dry, robust, with hints it iris

Grape varietal: Chardonnay from Collio, Grave del Friuli, Colline del Friuli Orientale
Color: white
Perfume: delicate and persistent, with hints of apple and crust of bread
Taste: armonic, clean and smooth, lightly herbaceous

Grape varietal: Pinot Noir from Trentino & Veneto Regions
Color: white
Perfume: a touch of blackcurrant and wildberries
Taste: smooth and fruity, lightly tannic, with hints of wild berries, blackberries and blackcurrant

Grape varietal: Dolcetto cultivated in the most famous DOC zones in Ovada, Alba and Asti, (Piedmont)
Color: white
Perfume: fruity, dry and fragrant
Taste: lightly tannic, bitterish and fruity

Grape varietal: Cortese di Gavi exclusively cultivated in the D.O.C.G. Gavi town district (Piedmont)
Color: white
Perfume: very fruity and persistent
Taste: savory, lightly bitterish, with hints of bitter almonds

Grape varietal: D.O.C.G. Moscato d'Asti, (Piedmont)
Color: white
Perfume: fruity, with hints of peach and apricot and a spiced sage touch
Taste: aromatic, typical of the moscato grape, with hints of rose

Grape varietal: Prosecco cultivated in the best areas of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene (Veneto)
Color: white
Perfume: fragrant, fruity, delicate
Taste: fruity, typical of the Prosecco grape, with hints of baked apple